Tour de France 2016 - The Game

Ty nejlepší a nejzábavnější hry pro Androidy.
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Tour de France 2016 - The Game

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Tour de France 2016 - The Game v1.9.5

(110,- Kč)

Pozadavky: Android 4.0.3 a vyšší + pripojeni k internetu + min. 1GB RAM
Popis: Enjoy the NEW best cycling simulation on your mobiles & tablets.

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What's in this version:
Bugfix update - new mode (final sprint) ranking should now work properly.
In previous version:
- New gameplay actions - you will have to adjust your gameplay style to new possibilities that your cyclists will have
- Stages are now longer, you have to manage your cyclists energy with more care (they are regaining energy if you dont force them much), but for the time when you have everything covered you can speed up the game up to x4
- New AI - beware your opponents - they will try new tactics!

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Kód: Vybrat vše!sY6LIsd8Birn/tour-de-france-2016-the-game-v1-9-5-apk
The Tour de France + VUELTA 2016 official game!
Requires an Internet connection. Requires a device of 1 GB RAM minimum!
Enjoy the NEW best cycling simulation on your mobiles & tablets.

This year, we remade completely the game with a lot of new features: a brand new career mode containing the most famous cycling competitions (LA VUELTA, Tour de France, Paris-Roubaix, Paris-Nice, Paris-Tours, Dauphine criterium, and much more...), create and train your own team, challenge other players in the new multiplayer mode on 3 different rankings (Time, Sprint & Mountain), discover more than 30 landscapes with awesome views.
The simulation have been changed, with new animations and interactions with riders to get closer to realistic scenarios.


LA VUELTA 2016: you feel your riders are getting nervous. Each member of your team count on you to guide them on their life’s challenge. After years of hard training, of surpassing oneself and sacrifices, they are gathered with the hope to win the prestigious competitions including the Tour de France.

You have to be on the top for them: Analyze the strengths and the weaknesses of each cyclist.
Examine every detail of stages in this new edition 2016 and develop a strategy to lead them to victory.

Concentration, passion and skills will be necessary to impose your style on VUELTA 2016, the Tour de France 2016 and in the cyclist world. Will you be able to make the right choices and reveal yourself during all these Famous competitions?

Major features of Tour de France / VUELTA 2016:

- The Tour de France / VUELTA 2016 official mobile cycling simulation game
- NEW: A career mode: Win the most famous cycling competitions (Tour de France, La VUELTA, Paris-Roubaix, Paris-Nice, Tour of California, Paris-Tours, Dauphine criterium, and much more...)
- NEW: a new AI and simulation to approximate the existing scenarios. You can now collaborate with the opponents, escape, accelerate with the pelotón to win the final sprint, and many other possibilities.
- Create your team! Choose the best talents to create your cycling dream team!
- NEW: Train all your cyclists to make them stronger
- Improved and more realistic graphics
- NEW: More than 30 landscapes (with awesome views)
- Define your team name
- NEW: Multiplayer mode: Challenge other players on 3 different rankings (Time, Sprint & Mountain)
- NEW: New achievements, participation rewards in the career mode
- All the official stages of LA VUELTA 2016 / Tour de France 2016 but also for the other famous competitions.
- rankings as in reality: VUELTA : Red, Blue Polka dotted Jerseys / Tour de France: Yellow, Green, Red Polka Dotted Jerseys, Team Classification and White Jersey
- More than 150 riders
- Upgrade your bike in order to increase your winning chances
- A brand-new AI and simulation for 2016, the opponents are even more difficult to beat than in previous years! Are you ready to overcome this new challenge?
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