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Mafia LWP

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Mafia Live Wallpaper v1.0

Požadavky: Android 2.1+


Mafia town 1930 is an interactive wallpaper located on several screens in climates MAFIA from the years 1930.
The distinctive atmosphere of mafia, dark, dead, courtesans and all this detective shows great live wallpaper Mafia Town 1930

Interaction on mafia city in live wallpaper :
- Slide your finger a broad and multi-layered wallpaper
- Attach the finger neon BAR
- Attach the finger neon OPEN
- Sway your finger hanging man
- Finger ignite and extinguish the light vehicle
- Watch the animation of steam, fog lights, a detective with a courtesan, and the clouds, or a blinking cat

Functionality (divided into 3 categories in SETTING )

- Left side wallpaper:
- City Lights - Turn ON/OFF the city lights
- Left Neon Bar - Turn ON/OFF
- Woman ( courtesans ) - Enable/Disable and adjust woman movement
- FOG - Enable/Disable
- Killer - Enable/Disable a killer on window

- Right side wallapaper:
- Open Bar - ON/OFF the neon light
- Dead Man - Enable/Disable a dead man
- Steam from wastewater - Enable/Disable the steam
- Detective - Enable/Disable and adjust detective movement
- Hangman - Enable/Disable
- Car - Enable/Disable
- 1930 Buick Series 40
- 1930 Packard Coupe
- 1932 Packard 903 Conv.
- Top wallpaper
- Cat - ON/OFF the cat blink eyes
- Clouds - ON/OFF and adjust clouds movement speed


Reset to default - Reset preferences to default values

How to run a wallpaper:
- Hold more background until the appearance of the menu
- Then select "Wallpaper"
- Later, "Flowers of the live image" or "animated Wallpapers"
- In the list, locate and select the application Mafia Town
- Will appear at the bottom of the wallpaper and click "Set wallpaper" - press it
- And have fun

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