Trippy Effects Digital Art & Aesthetic Filters

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Trippy Effects Digital Art & Aesthetic Filters

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Trippy Effects Digital Art & Aesthetic Filters v1.0.7 [PRO]

Požadavky: Android: 4.3 a vyšší

Popis: The Trippy photo editor is an app for making your photos look fun and psychedelic using a variety of camera effects and trippy filters. This app is perfect for those who exhibit an eccentric persona and those who love colors and digital art effects like hippy and vaporwave filters.

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The Trippy photo editor has a number of carefully curated camera effects, giving your photos that quirkiness vibe to make it stand out.

Start off your psychedelic journey with the following trippy photo filters:
1. acid trip filter with variations like red filter
2. duotones like red filter and vaporware camera effects
3. black and white trippy effects
4. old photo charm
and many more

The Trippy photo editor is the only photo editing app you will ever need to create the most realistic digital art.

Take your camera effects to the next level with our sophisticated trippy editor. After choosing from our wide selection of trippy effects, you can easily post your glitch photo or trippy photo on Instagram or Facebook.

With trippy effects and trippy filters that are a cut above the rest, your r4ve photos will surely make the rounds on social media, for the right reasons.