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Weather Forecast, Radar & Widget Morecast

Napsal: 03. 06. 2019 12:49
od milann70
Weather Forecast, Radar & Widget Morecast v4.0.15 [Premium]

Požadavky: Android: 4.1 a vyšší

Popis: MORECAST ™ Premium Weather & Radar je váš osobní průvodce, který vám pomůže připravit se na nadcházející sněhové bouře, déšť a jiné nepříznivé povětrnostní podmínky v USA i v zahraničí.

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► Pinpoint Weather
Precise weather forecasts are available at a street-level accuracy for your current location or favorite locations, including weather in New York, San Francisco, Chicago or Los Angeles for instance.
► Doppler Radar
Visualize by the minute precipitation on our weather forecast map. Weather radar shows snow, rain, temperature or lightning layers in real time.
► Customizable Weather Widget
Get automatic weather updates on your home screen with our beautiful widgets. View current weather in your current location, in New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Los Angeles or any other location.
► Navigation with On-Route Weather
MORECAST™ offers a brilliant navigation feature to help you decide on the best route around weather conditions.
► Compare
Compare weather for two locations side-by-side, so you can always make the best decision.
► Live Webcams
Preview live weather situations around the world by choosing from thousands of global webcams.
► Weather community
Be a part of our great weather community and share your weather moments with fellow Morecasters.
► Weather Graphs
Visualize any weather situation in our easy to use interface with detailed hyper-local weather forecast in 24 hour, 3 day, 7 day and 14 day graphs.

1. Temperature: in °F or °C for the current temperature, daily maximum and minimum and hourly forecasts
2. Wind: Wind direction and wind speed in mph, km/h or knots
3. Precipitation: By the minute precipitation, storm tracker with rain and snow probability and amount in inches, mm or l/m²
4. Humidity: By the hour in %
5. Cloud coverage: Actual and forecasted cloud coverage in % on graphs
6. Sunshine Duration: The amount of sunshine for today and the next 7 days
7. UV index: Hourly UV index info
8. Sunrise and sunset: Times for the next 3 days
9. Air pressure: In hPa by the hour and for the next 7 days

MORECAST™ is an advanced Android Weather App with Doppler Weather Radar providing comprehensive weather forecast data by combining data from the local national weather services and from the MORECAST™ Data Centers. We ensure you have the highest quality of meteorological data available, in order to alert you of upcoming Storms, Heavy Snowfall, Rain or Extreme Heat. MORECAST™ also features community of avid users posting thousands interesting weather-related postings every day.

This free Android app includes the normally paid for features such as hourly weather forecasts, detailed weather radar, active user community, navigation weather, Android widgets, and webcams. App is fully localized to US English.

MORECAST™ is backed by global weather forecasting data integrating more than 28,000 weather stations, radars all over the world, global satellite data and proprietary MORECAST™ 3D lightning detection technology.

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Napsal: 05. 07. 2019 13:05
od milann70
Weather Forecast, Radar & Widget Morecast v4.0.16 [Premium]

Požadavky: Android: 4.1 a vyšší

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Stahuj zde: Premium features unlocked

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