Mars Lander [95xx]

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Mars Lander [95xx]

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You start off with a brand new Daedalus class spaceship and $60k in the bank. The successful delivery of your cargo will garner you monetary rewards and a new contract. However, if you crash, you must purchase a replacement ship from your banked funds. If you do not have enough money to purchase a new ship, then your career is over and you spend the remainder of your days at a remote base on the frozen arctic tundra collecting seal droppings.

There are five classes of spaceship. Each one costs more than the previous one, delivers a larger cargo and has more fuel.

There are a total of 25 missions available. As you progress upwards in mission levels the obstacles will become more difficult to navigate, you encounter wind storms and last few missions are even conducted at night.

Each ship carries more cargo and thus has a higher payout for a successful landing. Here is the breakdown of the money you get for landing each ship type:

Daedalus: $30,000
Odyssey: $90,000
Endeavor: $180,000
Phoenix: $300,000
Enterprise: $450,000

This game was inspired by the old DOS game Lunar Lander, but with greatly improved graphics and a modern theme.


You must only touch one thruster button at a time.

A light touch and not over correcting is the key to success.

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