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Wallify - 4k, HD Wallpapers & backgrounds

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Wallify - 4k, HD Wallpapers & backgrounds v1.4.3 [Pro]

Požadavky: Android: 4.0.3 a vyšší

Wallify je sbírka tisíců krásných HD tapet, každý obrázek byl vybrán našim týmem, takže uvidíte v této aplikaci pouze ty nejlepší a tapety HD.
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All images are high quality (HQ) and different resolutions. Support any Android device with screens: 1080x1920px (1080p Full HD) and 2160x3840px (4k Ultra HD).Make your screen look beautiful with exclusive wallpapers and backgrounds for your device. Every image is a real masterpiece that you cannot find anywhere else. You will get new HD wallpaper every day.

Wallify is a creative wallpapers app, to make sure you always have a beautiful wallpaper on your device. Life comes easier when you find every high quality and cool wallpaper on one app. With wallify it’s very easy to find and set an high-quality wallpaper and background.

Wallify main features:
- Easy to find any wallpaper.
- Latest: discover the latest wallpapers.
- Popular: check which wallpapers are most downloaded by users.
- Categories: (Nature, Animals, Space, Games, Design, etc...)
- Save any image by clicking on heart icon and later find them quickly on the favorite page.
- Set a new wallpaper with closing the app: choose the wallpaper you like and set it directly on the app. Just open the image and tap on “Set” icon.
- Multiple sizes: This app is optimized for any device, whether you are using mobile phone or tablet.
- Our every wallpaper is linked to an artist’s profile page. You can check all the images published by that artist.
- In wallify you can upload your own wallpapers, your wallpaper will display in our app after approved by our team.