Zombie Rush : Extinction

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Zombie Rush : Extinction

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Zombie Rush : Extinction v9.0 (Paid)


Požadavky: Android: 4.1 a vyšší

Popis: Zombie virus dělá lidi, aby byli zombie po celém světě a přicházejí na poslední místo přežití. Sestavte si svou stanici a trénujte svou armádu, abyste zastavili přicházející zombie !


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This game is a build-based defense game where you have to collect resources to build towns, train soldiers, and prevent incoming zombies.
Various upgrades allow you to build stronger units and make your units much stronger.

It is important to build various walls to block the zombies effectively

1. Command Center - When destroyed as the last survival station, the game is over. Basically It takes 20 the number of population
2. Wall -The wall keeps you safe from the zombies
3. Supply Depot - It increases the capacity of the population
4. Energy Storeage - It saves energy
5. Metal Storage - It saves metal
6. Energy - It produces energy. you are able to produce more energy through the upgrade
7. Engineering bay - This is the building for upgrading offence and defense of Bionic unit
8. Factory - This building is needed when producing Tank and Goliath
9. Biotechnology - it will be storng warrior after gene variation
10. Airport - This building is needed when producing dron and battleship
11. Nuclear laboratory - If you can produce the nuclear, you are allowed to upgrade

1. Miner - It automatically collects metal if you arrange unit which has no attacking power beside mine
2. Marine - The most cost-effectiveness unit and basic attact unit
3. Medic : It cures foot solders of our forces on the pheriperal of the place HP falls
4. Gunner - The most storngest unit in Infantry with powerful stamina
5. Sniper - Long distant infantry unit with supporting fire from backside
6. Officer - if the experiance Increase the speed of aimed shot Under the command of surrounding infantry
7. Warrior - It's an warrior which has strong body through gene variation

1. Turret - No impact on the number of population as defence tower
2. Goliath - Fire 2 shots of raser to strong defence facility
3. Tank - This is key unit for flame in land war and kill all of target zombie surrounding by
4. Drone - No possible to attack zombie because it is an unit floating in the air. It fires strong laser
5. Battleship - As the best level unit, fire improved 16 rasers and kill all zombie