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Calendar Widgets

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Calendar Widgets v1.1.2 [Premium]

Požadavky: Android 4.0.3 a vyšší

Popis: Calendar Widgets is a free, easy to use month calendar widget for Android. Calendar Widgets provides various themes and options to help you stay organized.

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Calendar Widgets automatically synchronizes with your Google accounts and displays events in the most intuitive way. Calendar Widgets is not only compatible with third-party Android launchers but with famous calendar apps such as Google Calendar, Calendar+, etc.

▪ Events at a glance - displays events with perfect word-wrapping and with a number of color schemes.
▪ A variety of event drawing options - supports rounded rectangles, event text color, and a number of drawing options for all-day/non-all day events
▪ Beautiful design and themes - provides modern and sleek design
▪ Various weekly/monthly view support - supports a variety of views from 1 week to a full month
▪ Various widget size support - supports a variety of widget sizes for various use cases
▪ Awesome compatibility - supports not only Google Calendar app but third-party calendar apps and launchers
▪ Seamless synchronization - synchronizes with Google Calendar in no time
▪ Calendars to display customization - supports per widget calendars to display option
▪ Custom today highlight - provides a number of today highlight options
▪ Tap action support - supports new event creation and navigation to a specific date from a calendar app
▪ New event duration - supports default new event duration option when adding a new event from Calendar Widgets
▪ Start day of week - provides per widget start day of week option
▪ Event color and brightness adjustment - supports event color and bright adjustment

So, what are you waiting for? Download Calendar Widgets right now, the best calendar widget app available for Android!

We appreciate your feedback and/or suggestions. Please feel free to contact us or give us a review in the ratings and reviews section below. If you liked Calendar Widgets, please give us a 5-star rating and review, we would highly appreciate it.